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Whether you need to raise money for a new playground, technology equipment, or a field trip, we want to support your school by providing a safe, planet-friendly way to raise funds. Everyone already shops for cleaning products so why not raise some money while doing it!?

Sports teams

The expenses when running a sports team add up fast! We know raising funds for your team can sometimes be difficult, so we want to introduce a new and different way to reach your fundraising goals.

In the community

Do good in the community, do good for the planet. Perhaps you need to raise money for a local organization, event or individual in need. Whatever your cause may be, Nellie's is here to help!

Why choose Nellie's?

Planet Friendly

Striving to keep the environment as spotless as your home.


Simplifying your daily life with safe, clean formulas and easy-to-use products.


Providing transparency in our ingredients and developing products that actually work!

We strive to keep the environment as spotless as your home⁠ by encouraging you to fundraise in a planet friendly way.

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